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Fire Testing

Building Material Testing

Process Manufacturing - Glass



The UK's top automotive glass manufacturer has worked in partnership with CCS to improve processes and reduce costs across many of its production facilities.

Working on production lines for Jaguar, Range Rover Nissan and Toyota, CCS have designed and implemented critical solutions to meet challenging conveyor management requirements and glass furnace PLC control.

Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufactures require precise process management, often in very demanding conditions. Conway Controls has provided a range of control solutions for chemical production, often building customised products designed to work with hazardous materials in challenging environments.

Solutions include level and flow control, temperature management and viscosity measurement for chemical manufacture and effluent control.


An international pharmaceuticals manufacturer required a highly dependable control solution to manage its vaccine storage facility. At any one time it has millions of pounds worth of vaccine in cold storage. The storage parameters have to be maintained within strict limits. If these limits are breached then the highly valuable vaccine stock would have to be destroyed, with major financial and public heath risks.

CCS was asked to design a secure temperature and humidity control system to ensure the safe storage of this important vaccine. The system was also relayed to the clients alarm system for additional security.

Food Processing

CCS has designed and installed a range temperature management and control solutions for the UK food industry. Working to strict hygiene standards and critical process parameters we have delivered cost effective solutions for oven controls, temperature management and gas burner control.

Our clients include leading brands in the production of ice cream, biscuits, chocolate, crisps and many other processed foods.

Conway Controls has provided a range of solutions to support extensive testing of building products and materials such and brick, plasterboard and paints. The key aspect is furnace control and this is a area for which we have provided monitoring and management solution for many customers.

CCS played a key role in helping a major European aeroplane manufacturer to resolve a number of challenges at both the prototype and full production stages of wing assembly.

Solutions designed and built by CCS include controls for prototype jigs for wing assembly, controls for production stage wing assemble transport jigs and wing production line controls.

Additional phases provided controls for fuselage assembly jigs. We also provided engine test bed temperature monitoring and control.

Working with household names in glass manufacturing, CCS was responsible for providing critical temperature monitoring and control throughout the float glass production process.

Our experience in this sector also lead to projects in temperature monitoring and control in the manufacture of a range of glass bottles and containers.

Industrial Research and Laboratory Tests

Many of our customers need extensive support for testing and research. For these requirements we have built workbench jig controls and automated testing rigs for a variety of applications including, for example, repetitive test automation.

We have also provided university laboratories with fire testing components to monitor the performance of building materials and civil engineering design prototypes.

Increasingly demanding regulations require ever more rigorous fire testing of building and engineering components. Conway Controls helps to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance through the provision of a range cost effective thermocouples and furnace control systems.

Solutions include PLC and SCADA controls systems, high temperature thermocouple connecting cable and thermocouples manufactured to British, European and USA fire test standards.

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